Ontario Secondary School Diploma

About online OSSD

Online OSSD is an online-based high school, registered and inspected by the Ontario Ministry of Education. Students who need credit for completing their secondary education can choose to take an individual online OSSD course based on their needs. Online OSSD offers various secondary courses that are convenient, interactive and grant credits towards the acquisition of the Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) to students across the globe.

Once the student registers for an online OSSD course, the student will need to complete the course in 2 months from the first date of the course. Students are required to log into the online learning portal at least 3 times a week. Each course is 110 hours long. After registration, students will receive a welcome email with details of the course. When the course starts, the student will follow the course schedule to review the course content, interact with peers and submit assignments.
After completing the course, the student will receive a completion letter for the successful completion of a credit towards the Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD). An official transcript can be sent to the students upon request.

Our Advantages

Teachers of the online OSSD program are knowledgeable in each course and well known for the problems students frequently have. Therefore, they can efficiently accommodate the student’s learning progress.

The course set up of the online OSSD program allows students to easily prepare for university education local/overseas. Through the offline learning tasks arranged by the teachers, students can better understand the online course content and help them to gain knowledge from the course. The course content of the online OSSD uses the official textbook and materials of the Canadian high school curriculum.

Online OSSD students use the online learning portal to access all the course materials, communicate with teachers and get support for improvements. Teachers can monitor students’ progress through the portal and respond in a short time.

The online OSSD courses use video presentations, audios, online reading and case studies to support students in understanding the course content. Online OSSD students use forum discussions, group projects and webinars to demonstrate their learning and communicate with teachers and peers.

Teachers of the online OSSD program hold a professional teaching credential and follow the curriculum requirements set by the Ontario Ministry of Education. Each teacher of the online OSSD program is experienced and knowledgeable in delivering courses online.

Course instructors are either Ontario Certified Teachers (OCT) or a bachelor’s or master’s degree holders in their teaching major. We are committed to creat the best teaching team, providing a large quantity of differentiated methodology training to all teachers. The teaching team not only has professional OSSD (Ontario High School Diploma) teaching experience, but also an extensive experience of teaching international students in online course setting.

Teachers of the online OSSD program follow the policies and resources developed by the Ontario Ministry of Education in teaching and evaluating each online OSSD course. Students will receive the same course content and assessment criteria as the Ontario students.

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