What is Bill 96 in Quebec?

Quebec’s Bill 96 is officially in effect.  Bill 96 places enrolment caps on the English system, which will limit how many francophones and allophones can access English CEGEPs.  All students will be required to take three more courses in French.

The changes to education in Bill 96 mean students at junior colleges (CEGEPs) will be obliged to take either three core courses in French or three in French-language education if they enrol in an English institution.


Quebec On-line (OSSD Year 12) Program

Quebec On-line (OSSD Year 12) Program is another study option for Quebec students to obtain an Ontario secondary school diploma (OSSD) while physically residing in Quebec. Students can study onlineand courses will be taught by experienced instructors. In just oneyear comprehensive program(10 subjects), students can satisfy the requirement that are necessary for university admissions in Quebec or in other provinces in Canada, and as well as in USA or other universities around the world.


How does the program work?

The duration of the program is eight to twelve months.  Students in the program will start with ESL courses.  Depending on the English proficiency, a student may take ESL courses ranging from one to five months.Students will then take one Grade 11 English course (ENG3U) and six Grade 12 (4U) courses after the ESL courses.

All students will be granted an Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) after completing all the required courses and after meeting all graduation requirements, including passing the literacy test and completing the volunteering hours.

With the OSSD, our students can apply to university across Canada and also to universities around the world.

Program offers:

1、Business and Management Stream

The Business and Management Stream focuses on mathematics, business, accounting and economics.  This stream prepares students for success in business and management program at universities.  Student will prepare themselves for careers in finance, sales, investment, marketing and more.

Course selection

  • ENG4U – English
  • MHF4U – Advanced Functions
  • MCV4U – Calculus
  • BOH4M – Business Leadership
  • BBB4M – International Business
  • CIA4U – Economic


2、Science Stream

This is a specialized concentration for students pursuing studies in medicine, nursing and life sciences program.  Classes build a strong foundation in biology, physics, chemistry, and nutrition and health.  An early introduction to this demanding field means that students will have a head-start before meeting the challenges of university studies.

Course selection

  • ENG4U – English
  • MHF4U – Advanced Functions
  • MCV4U – Calculus
  • SPH4U – Physics
  • SCH4U – Chemistry
  • SBI4U – Biology or HFA4U – Nutrition and Health


3、Humanities and Social Science Stream

This focuses on human society, language arts and culture.  Typical courses in this stream include history, Canadian studies, world issues and philosophy.  By studying society through these different lenses, students learn to formulate their ideas critically and analytically, preparing them for university and beyond.

Course selection

  • ENG4U – English
  • MHF4U – Advanced Functions
  • MDM4U – Data Management
  • CGW4U – Geography
  • CIA4U – Economic
  • AVI4M – Visual Arts


Admission Requirement

Successfully completed Year 11 in Quebec.

A certificate of English eligibility is NOT required for this program.  School will conduct an English placement test before the student is enrolled to the program.


Tuition Fee

  • CAD $18500 / 10 courses for International Students
  • CAD $ 16000 / 10 courses for Canadian Citizen or PR
    Additional subject will be $2000 per course


Financial aids

Financial aid is available for those who are qualified.


How to apply

Please fill out the application form and send it to quebec@onlineossd.ca

You may download the application form here